Trapped in the City!


My wife and I are still apartment-bound, although this will likely change sometime in the next year, currently the lack of space makes just about all of our hobbies that much more difficult.  Both of us are dreaming of a “simpler life”, maybe outside the 495 beltway or somewhere on the Turkish countryside.  My father in law is threatening to purchase a piece of farmland in Turkey in hopes of anchoring us there, I’m secretly wishing he does, but we have a few years left in the U.S. before I become an expat.

So here we are starting some of the plants we are growing this season and we don’t even have a yard.  It’s worse than that, all we have is a sunny driveway, and not one of those wide suburban driveways with room to plant on either side its a skinny city driveway with a chain link fence on one side and the house on the other.  Using the site we have found someone close by with a small yard who is willing to let us use some of it.  It’s not much but its a step in the right direction.


Small size pot with well-established succulent that has started taking off recently.


A work in progress, nice medium shallow round. Will look awesome as a moss or sedum planter.


Small rectangular pot with nice Aloe plant.

To complicate this busy time of year further I’m gearing up to tend three honey bee colonies as well as participate in Somerville Open Studios.  Tonight we are also preparing some pots to sell.  These Hypertufa pots are durable, outdoor hardy and just look really cool.  We will be making many more in the coming weeks, aside from needing inventory for S.O.S. we also need pots and containers for our own garden!


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